Let's know about Japan

Discipline and “Kokorozashi”(aspiration) are the source of  motivation of Japanese people.

What comes in your mind when you are interested in or trying to know Japan?

Japanese food, cartoon animation, home appliances, car, samurai, ninja, accurate time train and plane: all made by Japanese people.

How could JAPAN rise up from the rubbled field and become the world's second-largest economic power only in 23 years after WW2?


Why was there no robbery or crime even in the Great East Japan Earthquake that was an unprecedented earthquake, and people could give up their supplies and help each other?


Actually this kind of behavior is the same as the background of producing Japanese culture. It is "discipline" and "Kokorozashi” that the Japanese acquire as a matter of course.

The only nation in the world that was bombed with atomic weapons. How could JAPAN recover from the rubbled field and become the world's major economic power after WW2?

On March 11th, an unprecedented earthquake hit Fukushima.
In the middle of disaster, people helped each other without robbery or crime.They were united and worked for the recovery and reconstruction.Whole world admired thier acts.

The Japanese discipline includes the gratefulness to whole creation and respect to others.For example, in a sports venue, you may have seen the appearance of Japanese people who 'bow' to a venue where nobody is there, many times.


This is the expression of unique philosophy that Japanese people have succeeded through everyday lives, at home, in schools, in communities, from parents to children, from generation to generation.

Taking a bow. What does this action mean?


It’s the idea that we are not living on our own in the true sense. But we are living in harmony with whole creation, such as the air we can not see, the sun, grass, animals and etc.

Across the differences of nations, races and languages, the Japanese philosophy based on the gratitude to the whole creation, expanded as a peaceful society model to the developing countries and the rest of the planet where confusion is extreme. The people in Asia and Africa made me realize that.

As I looked into my ancestors, I found out that one of them worked and achieved the abolition of racial discrimination and the ethnic collaboration through baseball in a time of racism. Its value was understood beyond cultural differences. And it has been being handed down from parents to children all over the world.

What is “Kokorozashi”? “Kokorozashi” and dream are close but not the same. We all wish to make our dreams come true. Saying “I want to be rich”, you are talking about your dream. Saying “I want to help poor people by becoming rich”, you are talking about your “Kokorozashi”. Social justice is included in “Kokorozashi”.


In other words, it is to make your decision to use your "ability and life" over the whole life for the public. Until the war, this teaching had been handed down in nature at schools and communities in Japan.

Baseball which was originally born in America, became Japanese style baseball by integrating with Japanese discipline and "Kokorozashi".
It's not just a sport, but the culture through sport.

This book is the true story about a young Japanese man who was dispatched as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers to Republic of Uganda. He taught students Baseball together with discipline and “Kokorozashi”. The students there had been unpunctual, rarely bothered to clean and often make excuses.


2 years later, the group of the students with no experience of baseball became a leading team in Africa. Each of them has become the leader with “Kokorozashi”. They have been punctual, kept rooms clean and made no excuse. They have changed in a short period of time by knowing what a person is supposed to be.

Now this young Japanese man is working on educational issues. In order to save the suicidal youth, he teaches Japanese traditional discipline and “Kokorozashi” to educators involved in children and to parents who have problems in child-rearing domestically and internationally.

His method is also applied to the field of sport. It shows great result particularly to the players of team sports.

If you are interested in the Japanese discipline and “Kokorozashi” by reading this book, please contact the author.

He will let you know the way that anyone can easily sense and experience the Japanese discipline and “Kokorozashi”. He will also help you tell about them in words of your own. The door is always open at any time.


He believes that conflicts will be decreased and the world will be more peaceful when the number of the people with the Japanese discipline and “Kokorozashi” is increased.


Japanese discipline and “Kokorozashi” are the ultimate ancestral essence and the bedrock that have been developed for more than 1300 years in the world’s oldest country, JAPAN.

For those who teach and raise children
“Mr. SAMURAI crossed the border"
by Akihiro Hokazono